Video Series

I applied to Boise State a little while ago for my PhD. I ended up declining their offer, but I still think the video series was a great representation of me. Check it out!

Question 1: Please state your name and tell us a bit about yourself. Discuss what you feel to be your most memorable or outstanding professional achievement. Be sure to tell us what it was and what made this achievement possible.

Question 2: What is it about the field of educational technology that most attracts your interest or passion? Why do you wish to pursue a terminal degree in this field? And why at Boise State University (you need not mention the “fully online nature” of the program, as we are aware this is attractive to many)?

Question 3: What would you bring to the program that would most benefit both faculty and your future classmates?

Question 4: Please tell us about a challenging situation you have faced in a professional setting or as an adult learner. Please give us some details about the situation, talk about how you dealt with the challenge or problem, and describe the outcome.

Question 5: A “Doctor of Education” degree has a special emphasis on clinical practice. Research and theory, however, are critically important aspects of graduate education. Please discuss how this blend of practice, research, and theory has impacted you in your educational and professional activities, and please tell us how you would expect to contribute to the field as you work toward the Ed.D. and after you have earned the degree.

Question 6: You are chatting with someone you recently met. During the conversation, it becomes known that you have a professional interest in educational technology. The person with whom you are speaking says, “The other day I read that the local school board is thinking about starting an expensive 1:1 tablet program for kids in grades K-5. The leaders say it will improve test scores. What do you think about that? What are some of the positives and negatives of such a project?”

The person is looking for a real (not just polite) answer. What do you say? [pretend the person watching the video is the person to whom you are speaking]