Hello again everyone! I’ve been traveling a lot for work lately, and I just wanted to share a little blurb about some of what I’ve done. As you know from my last post, I recently attended DevLearn in Las Vegas. It was my first trip across the country, and it was so exciting! Here is a picture of me and a colleague about to ride a roller-coaster around my hotel:


I was very proud and excited to get the chance to go. However, just last month I was invited to fly to Salt Lake City, Utah to visit with our call center out there! It was great being able to network with other Strayer folks, and meet our student support staff and some of our instructors. Not only that, but I got the chance to visit some of the landmarks in Salt Lake – the Temple, the Church History Museum, fine dining, and a gorgeous multi-tiered mall. Here’s some photographic evidence:



I feel like I’m getting more worldly, and I think this has been a great overall experience for me. Here’s to many adventures to come!