Instructional Design

Please note: Due to confidentiality, many of my recent projects are not posted here.  If you would like to see more, please reach out to me at

Online Course Design

To view samples of my online course design work, please go to:



One of my favorite projects was for a course I worked on about business ethics. You can view the lecture by going to:


In another project, I worked for Kelloggs recreating control panels in Adobe Illustrator.  The control panels are located on the factory lines for the workers to use the machines.  The lead on my team took photographs at the factory in Muncy, PA.  After the control panels were completed, I was put in charge of a team to create Articulate Engage pieces using some of the illustrations.


Simulation-Bank Robbery

I created a branching simulation for bank tellers on safety during the event of a robbery.  It has a series of choices which the learners must perform.  Actions that can be chosen include calling the police, answering the phone, calling for help, opening the vault, and giving the robber the money.  Wrong choices lead to someone getting hurt, and there is only one completely correct path.  At the end of the simulation, a police officer reviews the learner’s actions.


Augmented Reality

I’ve created an augmented reality project about human anatomy.  It was tested on an iPad with a camera as well as mobile devices.  I created the 3D model of the ribcage, and acted as a conceptual lead for the project. In this project, computer generated content overlay a human body to view anatomy on top of a real human body. The information tied to visuals, such as definitions of bony thoracic anatomy to accompany the model of a ribcage.


Learning Management Systems

I have worked extensively with Blackboard, including course creation, interface design, adaptive content, integrating publisher resources, and more.  It is the primary platform I work with at Strayer University.

In addition to Blackboard, I have created course content using a learning management system called TestTrack.  After creating content, I was able to add students to the course, manage reports for test scores, and schedule face-to-face training.