Please note: Due to confidentiality, many of my recent projects are not posted here.  If you would like to see more, please reach out to me at

I work as a multimedia consultant creating logos, websites, business cards, style guides, marketing materials, game assets, 3D models, animations, album covers, and digital illustrations. Here are some examples of projects I’ve worked on:


For The Zonk Hour podcast, I worked with my client to create a logo, album cover, website, and style guide.



I created a logo and style guide for the Ender Effect web service.



I created a series of detective sketches and avatars for industry leader and author Dr. Karl Kapp’s presentation on the “Engagement Abyss”. You can find the full presentation here:


Museum Menace is an app geared towards school children, to teach them about artwork.  The audience is drawn in by the ability to graffiti famous works of artwork, thereby becoming “menaces.”  After putting a mustache on the Mona Lisa or something similar, they can save the masterpiece to their cameraroll.  Then they can learn about the style of art they have just doodled over.  Finally, they can play a game which doubles as a quiz, where they match up a piece of artwork to the corresponding art style in a drag and drop format.  The app will remember the student’s name and other information.