Video Series

I applied to Boise State a little while ago for my PhD. I ended up declining their offer, but I still think the video series was a great representation of me. Check it out! Question 1: Please state your name and tell us a bit about yourself. Discuss what you feel to be your most memorable[…]

ASTD article

Check out my latest blog post at ASTD’s Learning Technologies blog: In the article, I discuss the use of avatars as pedagogical agents for learners.  I give some tips and tricks for using them, as well as presenting a body of research on their benefits for e-Learning.  I hope you find it interesting or[…]

Corona SDK Video Blog

For our Advanced Authoring class, I worked on an app development project with Alanna Olive-Smith.  We used Corona SDK and created a simple prototype.  Here is a video blog about the project that we created and posted on YouTube: If you are unable to view the video above, click on the link below:

Guest Blogger: Alanna Olive-Smith talks about Corona SDK

The first thing that I want to look at in this blog posting is a sample of some work done with Corona. After looking at the machinations that make up the system with my last post, I’d like to see what’s being churned out. While I am looking at a game, I thought I’d take[…]

Guest Blogger: Alanna Olive-Smith on Corona SDK

Corona SDK is an app development tool created by Ansca. This tool describes itself as “the world’s most advanced development platform” on its website. Corona is a powerful development tool that allows for cross-platform app development and allows access to APIs like the camera, accelerometer and GPS. Corona can be downloaded for a free unlimited[…]

Adding a 3D element to training

One of my current projects is a training module on basic anatomy of the bony thoracic cavity for radiology students.  This includes the ribs and sternum.  The most difficult part of identifying individual bones on radiographs arises from the fact that ribs are rounded and look different depending on the angle of the torso.  The[…]