Video Series

I applied to Boise State a little while ago for my PhD. I ended up declining their offer, but I still think the video series was a great representation of me. Check it out! Question 1: Please state your name and tell us a bit about yourself. Discuss what you feel to be your most memorable[…]

ASTD article

Check out my latest blog post at ASTD’s Learning Technologies blog: In the article, I discuss the use of avatars as pedagogical agents for learners.  I give some tips and tricks for using them, as well as presenting a body of research on their benefits for e-Learning.  I hope you find it interesting or[…]

Instructional Strategies

The first course I was assigned as a developer was assigned it to me with the original expectation that I would create some banners and buttons that would customize the course shell in our LMS system.  However, the project has grown and evolved into something that I am very excited about implementing.  Over the course[…]