Instructional Strategies

The first course I was assigned as a developer was assigned it to me with the original expectation that I would create some banners and buttons that would customize the course shell in our LMS system.  However, the project has grown and evolved into something that I am very excited about implementing.  Over the course[…]

Working within an LMS system

I have been working on my internship for the past six weeks at Strayer University.  As part of the course, I have been required to write reflections about my experiences.  I am going to post these reflections as a series of blog entries for your perusal. Working within an LMS system has proven to be[…]

Corporate Advisory Council

In my program at Bloomsburg University, we are required to take a course that is commonly known as “RFP.”  In this course, we are given a team and a request for proposal (RFP) which we then respond to.  This response is a presentation in front of a board of 30-40 potential employers and people in[…]

Summer Semester

My summer semester at Bloomsburg University has drawn to a close.  I had a lot of very interesting classes, and created some fascinating projects! Here are some highlights from the semester: Virtual Worlds class educational machinima: This was a project I created with a team using SecondLife.  I also created a lesson plan for[…]