Corporate Advisory Council

In my program at Bloomsburg University, we are required to take a course that is commonly known as “RFP.”  In this course, we are given a team and a request for proposal (RFP) which we then respond to.  This response is a presentation in front of a board of 30-40 potential employers and people in[…]

Adding a 3D element to training

One of my current projects is a training module on basic anatomy of the bony thoracic cavity for radiology students.  This includes the ribs and sternum.  The most difficult part of identifying individual bones on radiographs arises from the fact that ribs are rounded and look different depending on the angle of the torso.  The[…]

Resources on building rapid e-learning simulations

There is a lot of confusion and rumor-mongering regarding the use of simulations and games in e-learning.  I feel that much of this hear-say can be alleviated by doing a few minutes of research into the subject.  Simulations do not have to be large, expensive, high-graphic endeavors.  They are not required to be “fun” for[…]

Summer Semester

My summer semester at Bloomsburg University has drawn to a close.  I had a lot of very interesting classes, and created some fascinating projects! Here are some highlights from the semester: Virtual Worlds class educational machinima: This was a project I created with a team using SecondLife.  I also created a lesson plan for[…]

Graduate Assistantship

The past two semesters, I have worked as a graduate assistant (GA) for my school.  It has been a tremendous experience!  As an MSIT student here at Bloomsburg University, I get to work directly for a real client working on projects related to my career. I spent about six months working for Kelloggs on development[…]