Video Series

I applied to Boise State a little while ago for my PhD. I ended up declining their offer, but I still think the video series was a great representation of me. Check it out! Question 1: Please state your name and tell us a bit about yourself. Discuss what you feel to be your most memorable[…]

Mobile Technologies

There is a new page on my site now devoted to……(drumroll please!)……………mobile!!!  I realized that I have worked on enough mobile apps now to be able to call myself a mobile developer.  I have a whole new page under my samples of work which illustrates some of the projects I have been working on!  This[…]

Graduate Assistantship

The past two semesters, I have worked as a graduate assistant (GA) for my school.  It has been a tremendous experience!  As an MSIT student here at Bloomsburg University, I get to work directly for a real client working on projects related to my career. I spent about six months working for Kelloggs on development[…]

Master’s Degree

I am currently attending Bloomsburg University for a master’s degree in Instructional Technology.  It is so exciting!  I’m using all of the skills I learned in my undergraduate degree but adding new skills that are more corporate in nature.  Hopefully this is the direction I was looking for in my career.  I have some concerns[…]