ASTD article

Check out my latest blog post at ASTD’s Learning Technologies blog: In the article, I discuss the use of avatars as pedagogical agents for learners.  I give some tips and tricks for using them, as well as presenting a body of research on their benefits for e-Learning.  I hope you find it interesting or[…]

Corporate Advisory Council

In my program at Bloomsburg University, we are required to take a course that is commonly known as “RFP.”  In this course, we are given a team and a request for proposal (RFP) which we then respond to.  This response is a presentation in front of a board of 30-40 potential employers and people in[…]

Corona SDK Video Blog

For our Advanced Authoring class, I worked on an app development project with Alanna Olive-Smith.  We used Corona SDK and created a simple prototype.  Here is a video blog about the project that we created and posted on YouTube: If you are unable to view the video above, click on the link below:


As part of an assignment for my e-Learning class, I created my first webliography. The webliography is a wiki page on that I designed. It is an extension of an e-Learning module I created about animation for beginners. The module takes the learner through the process of animating a character head turn. I published[…]